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Orlando Estate Agents

Orlando estate agents

Finding the right  Orlando estate agents is crucial to your search for a house or holiday home in Orlando. Not all realtor’s are experienced in selling properties to international buyers. We specialise in selling Orlando properties to overseas clients and understand the differences in successfully making the whole buying process as simple as possible. In fact we have sold more houses to international client and out of state buyers than we have to locals.

The 2 main problems that international buyers come across are :

  • Knowing whether the property can be rented out as a short term rental
  • The prices they see on the internet are so cheap.

Both problems are the same issue.

Not all of Orlando Florida is a short term rental zone. Normal residential neighbourhoods are actually the most common. These neighbourhoods are where the locals live and the only rentals allowed are long term leases which are typically contracts of between 6 and 12 months. These residential properties do not normally offer the same ‘Resort Style’ amenities as those found in short term rental communities. Because of this, they are cheaper.

Short term rental communities give owners the ‘opportunity to rent’ out the property in a similar fashion to renting a hotel room. You could rent it for a night, a few days, a week or two and even for a few months or longer. Due to this ‘flexibility’ the prices are higher because you are not buying  a residential property. It is not a like for like basis.

Unfortunately many US realtors and estate agents do not differentiate between the two. So when you are are sat at home researching properties on the internet, it is not always obvious as to why that fantastic 5 bedroom property looks to be a bargain. This, obviously can get your Orlando experience off on the wrong footing.

We have met hundreds of families that arrived in Orlando, who have been misinformed about prices and types of property.

Understanding what you can afford and what a property can be used for before you leave home means that we are all on the same page and that we can accurately source only suitable properties for you and your family to view when you are with us in Orlando.

If you want real information about which properties and which communities meet your criteria, then the best way is to simply complete the form below, which will only take you a minute.

We will then arrange to contact you and discuss what type of property, at what price and for what purpose with you before creating a portfolio of suitable properties for you to view.

Regardless of what you choose to buy or where it is located, our services are paid by either the seller or the developer which means we are a FREE service to you and your family.


Who are CU in Orlando estate agents? 
CU in Orlando is headed up in Orlando by James Mitchell. James has been selling vacation villas, holiday homes and houses in Orlando for more than 30 years.

Lee Worth is most probably the one you will speak to first, if you are based in the UK. Lee has owned numerous properties in Orlando and also ran his own management company in the Disney area. If you want an honest opinion of what it is like to own a holiday home in Orlando, Lee will be happy to explain the ins and outs of it all.

Paul Turner heads up the European end of the business and  keeps the websites up to date. Paul has been marketing the Orlando and Florida market for over 10 years and works closely with both James and Lee to ensure all information we pass to clients is current.


What do we offer?
We specialise in Disney area holiday homes and vacation villas which are located in short term rental zones in Orlando. Many of our clients dream about owning a holiday home in Orlando and appreciate the fact that they can rent out their houses in Orlando to tourists and generate a rental income which can help them pay for the upkeep of the property.

Our established network of service professionals can help you with the furnishing, management and rental of your house in Orlando.


Where would you like to own?
The majority of our international clients like the idea of gated community resorts within a short drive of Disney and the other theme parks. We are constantly updating our lists of new communities and will email you with all new properties which meet your criteria.

Families looking for more permanent residences have a huge choice of houses in and around Orlando,. Central Florida. From family homes close to excellent schools and universities to multi-million dollar country club estates.


Why work with us?
We have been around for 3 decades and have learnt what makes a great community and which are most likely to fulfil all of your requirements.

Regardless of what you choose to buy or where it is located, our services are paid by either the seller or the developer which means we are a FREE service to you and your family.


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