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Orlando Vacation Homes

Orlando vacation homes come in all shapes and sizes from luxury single family pool homes to semi-detached homes, vacation villas, townhomes and condos with shared community swimming pools. There is something for everyone in Orlando and the surrounding areas.

We specialize in Orlando vacation homes and properties in the Disney area of Orlando. These include leading resort communities which allow short term rentals.

Orlando Vacation Homes

Orlando holiday homes and properties for sale near Disney in Kissimmee and Davenport

Orlando holiday homes

The Resorts and Communities of vacation  homes, villas, town houses and condominiums are located in some of the most popular areas in Orlando where vacation rentals are in demand.

This allows our owners to rent out their vacation home when they and their family are not enjoying it  and receive a rental income from the property!

James Mitchell, has been successfully selling vacation homes in Orlando for more than 30 years. Assisting American, Canadian and overseas buyers in purchasing quality Orlando vacation homes which provide healthy rental incomes.

What could be better than wonderful Orlando vacation homes which can provide a rental income to help you pay for it.

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Map of resort communities near Disney and houses for sale in Orlando

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New Holiday Homes in Orlando


Orlando vacation homes are the mainstay for hundreds of thousands of tourist families each year who visit Orlando and central Florida. Yes it is nice to stay in a holiday in a good hotel when away, but if you have children, you will understand how much better it is to stay in a vacation home. It is this family vacation attitude that has driven the Orlando Vacation Home market for the last three decades and especially since holidays to Orlando became affordable to overseas tourists, principally those from Europe who would come for at least two weeks and the thought of 14 days in a bedroom – however nice – with the kids would simply drive them up the wall.

It started with single family homes in nice little gated communities with a swimming pool and maybe a tennis court and quickly evolved into resort style communities where there was as much thought invested in the facilities as there was in the properties. Nowadays, Orlando vacation home communities offer several swimming pools, tennis, basketball, bocce courts, cycling, walking and nature trails, internet facilities, clubhouses and a host of other amenities that cater for keeping the children occupied and giving the parents the opportunity to kick back and relax.

The location of vacation home communities has also changed over the years. In the beginning they were all gathered around Disney, but as new theme parks have opened, the vacation home communities have followed closely on their heels. Nowadays you are within15-20 minutes of a theme park, pretty much regardless of where your vacation home is.

Which area should I buy Orlando Vacation Homes in?

Kissimmee was once the leader of the pack when it came to vacation home communities, but in more recent years Davenport has evolved from a sleepy town half an hour from Orlando into one of the most popular areas for vacation homes in Orlando and central Florida. Other areas are also popping up on the outskirts, with the offer of larger properties for less money, if you don’t mind an extra five minutes in the car.

Vacation homes have proved to be a lucrative investment for tens of thousands of owners, who have taken advantage of the short term rental market. Through clever marketing they are achieving over 40 weeks of occupancy, by renting their vacation homes out when they are not using them themselves. What could be better, you get to own a stunning vacation home in one of the most in demand cities in the world and other people pay your bills? All you have to do is a little book work, some marketing, employ a great management company and buy the right property.


As buyer agents we work for you FREE OF CHARGE, we get paid by either the seller or the developer


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